Apcriot Lamb Flower Fox Stuffed Animal Soft Plush Toys

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With soft orange and creamy white fur, this lively and adorable  fox is as spirited as a little mischief, with a large furry tail, a small round black nose and bright, twinkling eyes. Who doesn’t like such a naughty and cute fox? Imagining it running in the park is full of life!

  • Item Name: flower fox
  • Item No: 21210/22003
  • Size: 20cm/30cm
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    ● Cuddle buddy: it's no secret that people grow up to remember their very first stuffed animal toy especially when they're this adorable!

    ● Soft & Squishy: irresistibly soft, this stuffed animal Flower Fox is always ready for cute cuddles and soft snuggles. Play with toy at home or on-the-go, hug him tight during story time, or make the crib the coziest place for Naptime.

    ● Made with love: this high-quality plush Flower Fox is crafted with non-toxic materials——polyester, to make sure that every single snuggle is safe.

    ● Easy care: This soft stuffed animal Flower Fox is easy to clean, just need to wipe gently with water!

    ● Snuggle-sized: Flower Fox is 12 inches tall – a perfect size for endless hugs and cuddles.

    ● Age: This Flower Fox plushier is great for children over 3 years old, because no one is too old for a snuggle.

    ● Our products are EU, CE certified and passed American ASTMF 963 , EN71 part 1,2&3 and AS/NZS ISO 8124 to ensure product safety and quality.


    1. Long-term companionship

    With the company of plush toys, the baby will feel more at ease even if he is away from the mother. Before your baby goes to kindergarten, plush toys are their best playmates. A cute plush toy can accompany your baby for a long time, they play together and sleep together. Unconsciously, the baby subtly exercised his social skills. In the future, when they go out of the house and face new people and things, they will mostly bring a little confidence and courage.

    2. Exercise children's sense of responsibility

    Babies will treat their beloved plush toys as their own siblings, or their own little pets. They dress the dolls in small clothes and shoes, and even feed the toys. These seemingly childish activities actually play an important role in fostering a sense of responsibility in children in the future. When caring for their plush toys, babies play the role of elders. They try to take care of the plush toys. In the process, the children gradually have a sense of responsibility and know how to take care of, Caring for others.

    3. Cultivate children's aesthetics

    Some particularly exquisite plush toys can exercise the baby's appreciation, and cultivate your own baby to be an aesthetic connoisseur from an early age! Little plush toys will benefit your baby a lot!

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