How to wash plush toys/ soft toys?

Many people will hold the plush toy in their arms or even sleep with them.

But they all worry that the plush toys will inevitably get dirty after a long time, so can the plush toys be washed? How to wash plush toys?

Apricot Lamb will teach you.

☆Dry cleaning is generally applicable to dolls that have been kept in the locker and only need to be cleaned locally ~ large particles of sea salt / millet can be used and fully shaken in a large bag. Adding a little bath salt can also remove the odor left in the cabinet for a long time. But this method is rarely used because the effect is not particularly significant

☆ water washing is generally applicable to dolls that need deep cleaning for long-term play. Especially during the epidemic, if it is newly purchased, it is recommended to wash it before playing with children. Pour an appropriate amount of washing liquid into the water. The proportion refers to washing clothes. There is no need to pay special attention to it. Then fully soak the doll, gently knead or massage knead ~ for example, pay attention to the rotating speed in the machine washing of large parts. Friends who mind can put on laundry bags. The pendant shall be washed by hand as far as possible, and the flocking part and the place with sparse hair shall be protected. Here’s the point. If you want the doll to be as soft as ever, just add an appropriate amount of softener for the last time in the cleaning process, shake it dry and dry it!

What you must not do: use detergent with strong alkaline or cleaning power, high-temperature washing, vigorous kneading and washing, violent machine washing, high-temperature drying or drying, do not dry the surface, and do not take care of the wool when drying.

Post time: Apr-30-2022