Apricot Lamb Satin Green Dinosaur Security Blanket

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A cute green dinosaur can now cuddle with your baby in comfort. Here’s a green comforter with a cute dinosaur head to help your naughty and restless baby fall asleep. A must-have for your baby’s sleep, whether at home or on the go. Let the cute dinosaur tell him various dinosaur knowledge and short stories by your baby’s side to lull her/him to sleep!

  • Item Name: Satin dinosaur blanket
  • Item No: 20014
  • Size: 35*35cm
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    ● The size of this baby Satin green dinosaur safety blanket is 14 inches. The design and size of the product are very reasonable, which is reflected in that no matter what activities your baby does when using the blanket, there is no need to worry about tripping over the blanket and causing injury.

    ● Your baby will become good friends with this plush baby lovey Satin Green Dinosaur Security Blanket. With the hug and company of such a good friend, it will bring joy and healing to your baby's life. Every baby needs to hug such a special friend when sleeping at night. Its softness and skin affinity can help the baby sleep better, and calm the baby through hugging and kissing. This soother is accompanied by a securely attached stuffed animal friend who is also ready to snooze the night away.

    ● Our plush baby lovey Satin Green Dinosaur Security Blanket is made of soft and fluffy premium materials and carefully filled with 100% polyester fiber. The incredibly soft fabric and embroidered facial details provide perfect safety protection for the baby, so that the baby can sleep safely and comfortably.

    ● Our products use washable surface materials, and the labels of our products show you the simple, convenient and fast cleaning process of Green Dinosaur Security Blanket.

    ● Our products are EU, CE certified and passed American ASTMF 963 , EN71 part 1,2&3 and AS/NZS ISO 8124 to ensure product safety and quality. We take customer satisfaction as the first criterion, so please contact us if you have any questions.


    ● Suitable from the age of 0 - Super soft tactile safety blanket eliminates the baby's fear of the night, calms and accompanies the baby's happy growth.

    ● This high-quality Satin Green Dinosaur baby Security Blanket is suitable for babies of all ages. It is the perfect gift for newborns, and also is a perfect gift for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Baby Baptism.

    ● Comfortable and fluffy, our blanket can also be used to decorate a child's room, provide warmth and color for your home.

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